If you are unable to find an answer to your question just ask! You can call me at 417-496-6794 or Email Me and I will respond as soon as possible, typically same day.

What Is "Cash Based" Physical Therapy?

"Cash Based" Physical Therapy allows you to get treatment without the barriers of insurance companies. By eliminating the cost associated with managing insurance reimbursement I am able to offer high skilled Physical Therapy at an affordable cost. It also allows me to commit to you as the patient and not the insurance provider. That means 1-on-1 care and 1 hour sessions, no compromises. It also means that your care does not start or stop based on insurance authorizations and approval process. Stop letting insurance dictate when and how you recieve the medical care you deserve. Sessions are paid up front or at the time of service. I will provide you a "Superbill" which you can then submit to your commercial insurance provider for possible reimbursement based on Out of Network benefits. Please contact your individual insurance provider with any billing questions.

What is a Superbill?

A "Superbill" is a document I will provide with all the necessary information an insurance company would require to process your claim. The document will include CPT codes for treatments rendered and ICD-10 codes for your diagnosis. You would submit this document to your insurance in order to get reimbursed a portion of what you have paid Northwoods PT based on your Out of Network benefits. Superbill and reimbursement is only for Physical Therapy services and not for Personal Training or other services I offer.

Do you have location?

At this time I have chosen to eliminate the barriers associated with traveling to/from Physical Therapy and I will provide services at your home. This allows me to keep my costs controlled and provide you superior care at and affordale price. I will bring all necessary equipment including a treatment table and fitness equipment based on your injury or wellness goals.

I have Medicare, can Northwoods PT provide my Physical Therapy?

Unfortunately Medicare does not allow anyone to provide Physical Therapy services within a Cash Based treatment model. That means that even if you want to pay me cash and not process your treatment through Medicare I am not legally allowed to treat you. However, Medicare does allow me to treat for "non-covered" services which includes Wellness visits. If you are not actively recovering from a surgery or injury and are interested in improving your balance, improving your health and strength, or just preventing an injury from occuring I will likely be able to see you. Just select Personal Training and Wellness when scheduling an appointment. As always, if you have any questions on what would qualify as Physical Therapy or Wellness based on Medicare guidelines call me at 417-496-6794 or Email Me and I would be happy to discuss your options.

Do you take insurance?

I do not take insurance and all services will be paid out of pocket at the time of service. However, most commercial insurances will allow you to submit for reimbursement of Physical Therapy services based on your Out of Network benefits. Other insurances such as Workers Compensation, Auto Accident, or Medicare/Medicaid do not allow for this.

Is Northwoods PT Affordable?

Having worked for almost 12 years in Outpatient Physical Therapy I can easily answer YES to this question. Depending on your insurance you could be paying a copay of $30-50 per session or paying towards your deductible of who knows how much at the inflated prices Physical Therapy companies offer. Typical PT companies charge $200-250 per treatment. That means that if you have not met your deductible you could be paying that much per session. At Northwoods PT we remove all the barriers and complexities of PT and charge you an incredibly fair and low cost option while not compromising on quality or convenience. Additionally, with skilled 1-on-1 care by a licensed Physical Therapist your typical visit total will be 5-6 session rather than 15+ session with traditional PT to get the same results. You will be saving time and money. Typical PT with a Deductible: 15 sessions at $200/session = $3,000 Typcial PT with a Co-pay: 15 session at $50/session = $750 Northwoods PT: 6 sessions at $99/session = $594 (minus possible reimbursement your insurance provider or even cheaper if participating in online physical therapy at $84/session)

Who Will I Work With?

At Northwoods PT you will work with a Doctorate level Physical Therapist at every session. No rehab techs, no Physical Therapy Assistants, no compromises. Most PT providers charge more than twice my rates, deliver only 30 minute sessions, and compromise your outcomes by having you work with less qualified clinicians and staff.

Do I Need a Referral for Physical Therapy?

Both Oregon and Wisconsin are "direct access" states which means I can perform Physical Therapy services without a physician referral for any muscuolskeletal injuries within my scope of practice. This allows me as a Physical Therapist to evaluate, assess and diagnosis your pain or injury without the need to visit your physician. This option will save you time and money and most injuries will recover through Physical Therapy alone. If you have a previously diagnosed injury or are recovering from a surgery and would like for me to communicate with you physician I would be happy to do so.

Do you only train Runners and Disc Golfers?

While I certainly have a passion for treating both runners and disc golfers, my knowledge and expertise go well beyond those two sports. Anyone looking to improve their health, reduce their likelihood of injury, or improve as an athlete will benefit from my knowledge and expertise. I have treated amateur and professional athletes from a variety of sports including baseball, football, basketball, swimming, and cycling. If you are interested to discuss your specific needs prior to scheduling a session just contact me. I would be happy to discuss your individual goals and let you know if I would be a good fit for your needs.

Do you offer in-person Personal Training?

I am happy to offer in-person Personal Training for individuals living within the communities I treat of Manitowish Waters, Boulder Junction, or Mercer. My site only lists Online options as that is what most of my customers prefer. If you would like to coordinate in-person sessions just contact me or mention so in the comments section when scheduling a Personal Training session.