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Stephen G.

My wife asked me on a scale of 1 to 10 what I assessed your whole PT regime and I immediately said, “10+”.


I began with large worries of permanent damage and have ended up through your help and guidance relieved, confident in growing strength with durability and grateful. I appreciated your calm visage and understanding remarks everyday and confidently expect, following your direction, to get to 100%.

Teresa L.

Isaac Cowart, is the best! He is kind, honest, gentle, thoughtful, knowledgeable and most of all funny! He is very enjoyable to work with! I started seeing him last year, hoping I would be able to escape surgery. I have seen other therapists at other locations in the past but when I started seeing Isaac, I was extremely impressed. The quality of Isaac’s treatments were so far and above any other treatment I have ever had at other clinics. My case has been incredibly challenging and I was told to possibly plan on a year recovery. Isaac has me back to work in 6 months. If I need any other PT work, I plan on seeing Isaac again. 

Jim H.

As an aging athlete, I've had PT many times over the years for injuries. The care and treatment I received by Isaac was outstanding. After surgery for a total knee replacement, my range of motion was extremely limited. He developed an individualized PT program pushing me to work to my potential during each session, which recovered my range of motion and strengthened the muscles around my new bionic knee in fairly short fashion. Isaac was attentive and engaging. Each PT session began with providing feedback from the previous session, and them making the necessary adjustments either more or less rigorous, depending upon my feedback.

Carol C.

At Northwoods PT the whole client is taken into consideration. I came with an injury; I left with a maintenance therapy program to prevent injury in the future. Isaac was able to quickly recognize my strengths and weaknesses both physically and mentally. He worked with me until my injury was resolved and a program established for me to use after treament ended. I am truly grateful for his consistent, Holistic approach

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